The end of the week is finally here. Not that it matters…it’s not like I have a real weekend. Afterall, I spend 8 hours at work on Saturday…

I’m here steadily studying away for my Business Concepts class. I have 2 chapters under my belt…only 3 more to go by Tuesday. Haha. Well, it’s not at bad as it sounds. It’s just a matter studying the terms. Many of the terms are terms that we’ve all heard of and probably used in conversation. Most people know what a monopoly is, but if asked to define it on paper, what would you write?

Well, it’s a company with no competition. It’s nearly impossible for competitors to enter into that industry as it is regulated by the government. The monopolistic company has considerable power over prices because, well, nobody else is offering what they offer.

Yup…let’s ace this test.

I had a dialysis fiasco last night. I’ve mentioned the fact that I was getting no water alarms when I was disinfecting and what not. Well, those problems caught up with me last night. I turned on my dialysis machine and I kept getting no water alarms. I couldn’t even get past the initial rinsing phase as it appeared that the machine would keep resetting the rinsing time after every no water alarm. After 15 minutes of what should only be 5 minutes and 30 seconds of rinsing, I knew I had a problem.

I did everything I possibly could to aleviate this problem. I changed my foreclean and carbon filter. Nothing worked. I called the tech and arranged to have them check things out today. Boo hoo…I had to strip all of those wonderful clean lines from the machine and toss ’em.

When the tech got to my house today, he noticed that the problem was likely due to the fact that I wasn’t using the citric acid to clean my RO enough. It’s supposed to be every 2 weeks but for some reason I was under the impression that it was every 2 months?? My bad!

The tech made short work of my problem and I was pleased. Now I can dialyze tonight and not worry about several alarms when I’m disinfecting. Let this be a lesson to all of you dialysers! Pay attention to your documentation and don’t make the same stupid mistake that I did.

I also got my delivery of acid and bicart powder today.

Ok, so, study for Business Concepts test on Tuesday, Study for Business Computer Applications test on Thursday, work on Business Concepts assignment due on February 10th, work on Human Resources individual project due in the 3rd week on February, work on the Human Resources group project due God knows when???


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