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Will one of those icy hot patches work?

I’m at school on my netbook. (don’t mind any spelling mistakes…remember, the keyboard is tiny!) It’s currently 12:44 and I’m waiting until 1pm to go to the test centre to do my computer based powerpoint test for my business computer apps class. I went over all of the concepts yesterday and I expect to either get a perfect mark or something really close to it. I have to get as many marks as possible as the next unit will be on microsoft excel. I’m not the strongest in that.

I just got to school from work. I decided to work some OT so I can bank my overtime hours and use them for a urology appointment I have at the beginning of March. I hope this appointment actually has some value…as opposed to me venturing all the way downtown only to be asked what medication I’m on and to be reiterated to that I’m years away from a kidney.

I left work after 1.5 hours and headed here, to school. When I stepped out of the subway station, I was reminded of the Shopper’s Drug Mart right across the street. I figured I’d go there and pick up a few of those icy hot patch things. We’ll see how it works or if it does anything at all for my poor back.

I”m fighting the inevidable here. I should see my doctor about this.

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