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Ok, so I didn’t fall into the 90% or above range

Today was the day that we handed in our group assignment as well as got our test results back from the first test of the semester.

I won’t lie…I was a little annoyed when certain group members asked me to “see the assignment before I handed it in”. See the assignment? Why? To approve it? To correct my mistakes, perhaps? Get outta here! You didn’t even contribute anything!!!! Gah!

Anyhow, I handed in the assignment. Now it was time to discuss the test. The professor said that the class average of 69% was on the higher end compared to his other classes. That was pretty encouraging. The professor took out a thick stack of tests and announced that they were in alphabetical order and could be picked up at the front.

The prof reconsidered, then separated the tests into stacks.

The entire class rushed to the front to pick up their tests. I also headed to the front of the class, just hoping that I didn’t completely bomb.

As another person was thumbing through the stack, I noticed my name so I yanked it out, held the test to my chest, and headed back to my seat. I took a deep breath and looked down at the number on my test inked in red pen.


Pretty darned good, I must say. All of that exhausting studying definitely paid off. I’m very happy with that mark and I hope to do even better on the next test!

I feel very accomplished in being able to do well in school. My goodness…a couple of years ago I had a growth/tumor on my brain and couldn’t even move my arms/walk/talk at a normal speed. Now I’m here, working 20 hours a week, gooing to school full time, and ace-ing tests. I definitely hope that nothing gets in my way of keeping this trend up!

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