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Operation: Group Assignment

After much blood, sweat, and tears, myself and one of my group members, managed to complete the group assignment. I was determined to finish it before the weekend was over and that is what I did.

Both myself and Julie, the group member who contributed a lot, were understandably displeased with the amount of help we got where this assignment is concerned. We worked so hard to get the assignment to a point that we thought was good while others sent us only minimal information to be included in the project. I spent nearly the entire weekend just adding information, citing sources, typing, grammar checking, etc. I’m sure that my grammar and spelling may not be the best on this blog at times. but when I’m doing a project that needs to be handed in, I’m very particular about that kind of thing. My prof stated that he wouldn’t be scrutinizing grammar very much, but I simply do not feel good about handing something in with my name on it that I do not feel is up to snuff.

I expressed my displeasure to one of my group members today about the lack of participation. I received minimal information where answering the actual question is concerned, no information in regards to citing, and no follow up to see if everything was ok, if I needed anything,etc. I really felt taken advantage of because it’s clear to those around me that I aim for really high marks and always do the best I can. Their lack of work ended up being even more work for me. Imagine receiving a bunch of information with no sources…I had to google the information given to me in order to find the websites that they were plucked from. “Luckily” this group member didn’t even try to express any of the thoughts in their own words, so I hardly had any problems finding the websites online…it’s just that it took a lot of time.

Another group member sent me information that was so jumbled and nonsensical that I didn’t use one bit of it. It was a bunch of yammering about absolutely nothing. Not at all at a college level or even a high school level. What a shame. I can’t understand how this person passed grade 12 english…unless of course this person made no effort to write things in real sentences as they thought that I would take it upon myself to decipher the information.

In the end, the assignment ended up being about 12 pages long, double spaced. I just hope that all of the effort I put into it pays off.

I looked on my course website yesterday and noticed that my business concepts professor put up the slides that we’ll be using in class tomorrow. For the class agenda, he mentioned that we’ll be taking up the test that we wrote last week. He also mentioned that the average mark in the class was 69% (out of 87 students who wrote the test)

11 people scored 90% or above
17 people scored 80% – 89%
22 people scored 70%-79%
13 people scored 60%-70%
6 people scored 50%-59%
18 people scored *gasp* under 50%

To be honest, I’m REALLY expecting to be in the group of 90% or above. I’ll also be relatively content to be in the 80-89% range as well. I simply cannot imagine getting anything less than that. I can’t believe 18 people totally flopped on the test. What a tragedy. I somehow imagine that after this test, my class will be a LOT emptier and lots of people will drop out. Hopefully the people who didn’t pass will stick to is as we still have 2 other tests work 25%.

That’s all for now. I think I’ll go print out the group assignment then work on my excel homework for my computer class

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