One of my high school friends sent out an email to the troops asking if we were game for a friday night of hot yoga!

I had received similar emails from her before but was always hesitant to go. I was hesitant because I felt like I might be embarrased if I tried. I’m a young, healthy looking female. I was afraid to go, get tired (or loopy from the heat) and have to take a break. I feared what people might think, but now I’m starting to realize…who cares what people think??

I also looked up “hot yoga and lupus” on the internet and found many encouraging results. Hot yoga seems to loosen those stiff joints that lupus sufferers have to contend with. With me turning over a new leaf and making a commitment to being healthy, I think this would be a good step for me. Anyhow, if I don’t like hot yoga or it doesn’t agree with me, at least I would have tried it once.

Today is “family day”. I worked. I could have had the day off, but by working today it allows me to utilize the 7.5 hours that I worked and take time off at other times, times that I want to have off. I have already requested 3 hours off in early March for my doctor’s appointment. I plan to use a full 7.5 hours (if I’m allowed..!) on April 25th, which is the day of the good food festival! Mom and I (sometimes my sister) go the the good food festival every year. My mom really enjoys it and I do to. Hopefully I can get that day off.

Anyhow, at work today I spoke to my co-worker and she happens to be a current member of that gym right beside my office. Yup, that one that gave me lotsa problems when I had to cancel. Apparently they have a really intriguing deal. $175 down, then $14 a month or something like that. It almost makes me wonder if I should give them a try again. It’d be nice to have a workout buddy to encourage you. Well, I’ll have to go back to the gym and take a look as I haven’t been there for a while. It may look different and not so “factory like” as it did a number of years ago. We’ll see!

Time to setup Mr. Bellco the dialysis machine. I’m tired from working all day, then coming home to study math. Tomorrow is business concepts class. I hope we get our “group” assignments back, and I hope “we” did well!

3 comments on “Invite to "Hot Yoga"

  1. Have fun at hot yoga. I’ll look forward to seeing how it goes.


  2. i’ll definitely report back! :):)


  3. Anonymous

    Hi- I just wanted to say I'm new to your blog and want to encourage you to try hot yoga. I have lupus as well, and tonight was my 2nd class.

    First, know that it will get really hot in the room, but the point your first time is not to do all the poses, but to stay in the room the whole time. hot yoga has amazing effects for cleaning and detoxing the system, and you will sweat tons, trust me. drink, drink, drink water before you go. by that i mean, drink 24 hours of lots of water before, and take sips during the class. i really notice a difference already in my joints, they don't feel as stiff. you would think doing poses and sitting on your knees would hurt them, but it's all about your comfort level, and it actually helps to have the heat to loosen everything up.

    Also, just as another encouragement, don't feel bad about lying down on your back and resting. the class i go to is an hour and a half. I only do poses solid for about a half hour and then take a break. it's important to stay true to yourself. MOST of the class does not do poses the whole time….

    good luck i hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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