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Verdict on the Group Assignment

I just got home from a long day at work and I must study for my math test tomorrow. I’m still not comfortable with all of the concepts, but luckily I have that online math study tool that gives me a variety of practice questions and answers as well as steps on how to achieve said answer.

Yesterday was business concepts class. The prof mentioned that he had marked all of the assignments. He said there were some good marks and some not so good marks. He then started mentioning random percentages, such as 64%, 76%, 93%, etc. I knew that those marks weren’t necessarily specific, but as he was rhyming off numbers, I whispered “we had better be the ones who bloody well got 93!%” My group member chuckled as we waited for the prof to stop talking and say it was ok to come to the front of the class to pick up our assignment. He continued on and said that some people took some initiative and used sources other than the sources he provided to us, which was the correct thing to do. Others did not, and therefore didn’t achieve a good mark. Others didn’t cite their sources at all, while others did. I knew that I spent a whole lot of time citing sources so that should have went well.

When he finally said it was ok to come to the front, my group member who happened to be closest to the front of the class went to the front and sorted through the stack of assignments. She retrieved ours quickly and brought it back. She didn’t seem to have an impressed look on her face.

I immediately felt nervous. I put a lot of work into that assignment and I’d be absolutely mortified if the work I put in was garbage and didn’t get a good mark.

“Did we do bad?” I asked.

“No, we did good…we got 98%!” The assignment was a total of 7.5% of our total mark and we scorerd 7.35%. I am extremely pleased!

Our not so hard-working group member came up to me immediately and asked “were the answers I sent to you ok? like, did you use them? did you understand them?”

What a time to be asking me that. I guess she was trying to validate herself…to see if her work helped contribute to the 98%. It didn’t matter now as she would already be receiving that 98%, but I basically told her that I used her ideas and expanded on them. Anything to get her to stop talking. It worked.

So yay, the hours and hours of work and grief paid off. Now, time to spend hours and hours of work and grief studying math…

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