Today was a crazy day in class.

We got our tests back today. I was stressing out over this test as there were many questions that I didn’t know the answer to. That being said, I still managed to pull off a 89%!! Woo hoo!

It was all smiles and hugs and happiness amonst myself and my friends as we were all very pleased with our marks…but not everyone was.

One gentleman was quite…disgruntled at his mark. As the prof tried to go through the test, he continuously spoke at the teacher, expressing his discontent at the fact that he didn’t get at least SOME marks for one of the long answer questions out of 10. The prof expressed to him that he likely got zero because the answer simply wasn’t what he was looking for. The student then angrily took his test and his laptop and shoved it into his backpack. He got up in a huff and headed for the door. If that wasn’t bad enough, when he got behind the prof on the way to the door, he gave the prof “the finger”. How very mature. If he’s so cool, why’d he have to do that behind the prof’s bacl? This action reminded me of how immature some of these people are.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, more trouble was a-brewin’. At the very beginning of the semester, the prof stated that bringing laptops to class for the purpose of taking notes and such was fine, however if you brought a laptop to class for the purpose of fooling around, playing on facebook, etc, he’d confiscate the laptop until the end of that class. Well, today would be the first day that he’d confiscate a laptop.

As he unplugged the student’s laptop and headed back to the front of the class, the angry yells from students sitting near the offender began. It was all quite strange to me as the person who’s laptop was actually confiscated had very little to say. Perhaps it’s because he knew he was guilty.

“That’s his property! You can’t do that! He’s just a kid!” yelled some random person sitting behind the offender. Another hooligan, no doubt. The yells and jeers grew louder from the friends of the offender…the offender who still had nothing much to say. When the prof got back to the front of the class, the unthinkable happened: the prof placed the student’s computer into the recycling bin. He didn’t THROW it, he very gently placed it in there. “Yikes”, I though, “this is not gonna be good.”

Then began the uproar. Loud mouth who was defending the silent offender then came to the fron of the class as if he was going to retrieve the laptop from the recycling bin. the prof placed himself between Loud Mouth and the recycling bin. The arguing continued as the rest of the class began to pack their things up and leave. Eventually loud mouth, now with slient bob behind him, headed back to their seats to retrieve their jackets and such as the others still yelled on.

When we looked to the front of the class, the prof began to gather his things as if he was going to leave the class. How did all of this nonsense lead to this?? Another student in the class got up and went to the front of the class and reason with the professor. After some reasoning, the professor decided to stay. The prof went to the recycling bin and retrieved the laptop and placed it by his things. While this was happening, the hooligans (all of them) left.

Eventually things calmed down. While the prof was teaching again, the hooligan snuck in the class behind the teacher and “stole” his laptop back. The professor saw him but didn’t see him in time to stop him. I was glad that he got his laptop back…now he could just leave and not bother the class anymore! I limped to class with a sore avascular necrosis’d right knee for THIS??

I felt awful for the prof. While I don’t agree with him placing the laptop in the recycling bin, I also don’t agree with the blatent disprespect of many of the students in the class. I have like 3.5 weeks left until the end of this semester…I’m hoping that as the semester progresses, the maturity of some of these students will progress as well.


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