I’m unsure if I mentioned this previously, so I’ll mention it now: I hate my 5-micron filter.

This is a filter affiliated with the R.O of my dialysis machine. It takes much more effort than I wish to put forth when it comes to opening it. I have to open it to change the filter inside every 2 months. Sometimes it gets hard to open because of pressure that builds up inside of it. Other times, it gets hard to open because when you ask someone which direction to turn the filter in order to open it…they tell you counter clockwise when its actually just plain ol’ clockwise.

So yes, my right back/gluteus maximus is in quite a bit of pain after twisting and twisting that thing counter clockwise as instructed. When I couldn’t open the filter, I recruited my big and strong brother to assist. It simply couldn’t be opened. The thought of one of the techs being able to open it versus my brother was quite laughable, but I continued on with the service call for a tech the next day.

When the tech came, he strained and he pulled and he twisted…he even hammered, but to no avail. Since the metal bar holding the filter to the cart had bent quite severely after my brother and his big muscles were done with trying to open that thing, the tech took the entire 5 micron filter (including the metal piece holding it to the cart) and brought a replacement.

When he brought the replacement 5 micron filter, he drew an arrow pointing clockwise on the filter casing. Funny. I recall calling the techs…TWICE to ask which direction to turn the stupid thing. While I got the same person both times that I called, he insisted that it was counter clockwise.

So here I am, wincing in pain with every step I’ve taken since Sunday evening/Monday morning. With my compensating limping, I’m starting to feel pain in my knee as well.

Dang it!

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