Only 2 weeks left of school, then we’re off for two weeks, then it starts all over again. I look forward to the end of the school year as i’ll have some time to relax and refocus. I may work a couple of overtime shifts at work to make some extra money or to bank some extra hours to be used during the next school year.

Next semester, I’ll be taking 5 courses instead of the 4 I took this year. These courses include:
Principles of Human Resources Mgmt II
Principles of Acoounting
Project Management
Computer Applications for Human Resources
Math for Business & Mgmt II

There is a 6th course which most people are taking this semester which is an english course called Professional Communications. Since its not a prerequisite for any courses in the fall semester, i chose to skip that class and take it later. I’m doing well in school and the last thing I want to do is stress myself out to the point where I start doing poorly or, even worse, get ill! Thankfully I’m registered with the Disibilities office and therefore have the ability to go to my profs and ask for extensions on things if need be.

Speaking of doing well in class, I got my math test back today that we wrote last week. Let me just say as I probably mentioned before: math is NOT my subject. I hate math. I’m not very good at it and it takes a lot more effort on my part to do well. This is why I was MORE than pleasantly surprised when my name was called and I saw a test with MY name on it that said 49/50!! Myself and someone else got 49/50 and 49 was the highest mark in the class! WOWZERS! Needless to say I AM PLEASED with a capital WEEE!!

Before my amazing math class, I went to a clinic appointment with my nephrologist. He and my nurse reviewed my bloodwork results as well as my dialysis logs. Everyone seemed very pleased with my results. Rose was happy that I was being a compliant home dialysis patient, though I admitted that there had been times that I didn’t dialyze two nights in a row due to the fact that I had tests to study for. I promised that I wouldn’t make it a habit 🙂

Thank Goodness I have tomorrow off. I just want to sleep and sleep some more…but that being said, I have to fill up all of my bicart cartridges and set up my dialysis machine…

…because I’m a compliant home dialysis patient..


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