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Wondering if I should go gluten free again

I keep getting stomach aches! Not seriously painful ones, but ones that are definitely severe enough to make me want to come home from work. I had to call my mom and ask her to pick me up from work yesterday because my stomach wasn’t well.

I know that when I went the gluten free route, a lot of my unexplained stomach aches went away. When I did it, however, I was in a controlled environment (namely my house) so I was able to just make myself things that didn’t have gluten in them. Doing that now would be a little different…and quite frankly, it would be difficult.

Nowadays, I spend little time at home. I’m at school and I’m at work a lot so I eat out a lot….

Would you believe that as I typed this, I suddenly had a revelation? Maybe it’s not so much the actual gluten that’s affecting me…maybe its the plethora of JUNK I’ve been eating that is affecting me! A slice of pizza here, a meatball sub there…I think it’s time that I clean up my act. When I’m at home I do eat pretty well. I eat rice with vegetables, pasta with vegetables, etc. But the moment I step out of the house, I eat like a fool! This has got to stop right this second.

I’m making a vow to stop eating a whole bunch of crap and start eating properly…even when I’m out. This will mean that I will have to plan ahead, especially when it comes to school. I have 2 classes this summer that start at 8am…so definite planning needed.

I’m such a dope. In my life, I’ve been sicker than sick and have bounced back…and still I eat a bunch of junk that my body hates. I need to make changes!!


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