I got a call from my lovely nurse Rose today. Prior to calling me, she read over the results of my x-rays. She didn’t fully understand exactly what they meant, so she forwarded the results to my nephrologist.

The x-ray of my left ankle showed that there is a broken bone in my foot. That is, there is a small piece of bone that has broken off in my ankle. I will now need to be referred to an ortho doctor or something so that a decision can be made as to what needs to be done.

Pretty crummy news. I’m on break from school now so that’s great, but I have no idea what this broken piece of bone will mean for me. Will it need to be casted? Will they suggest just leaving it as it is? Will they want to surgically remove this piece of bone?

All I know is that I’m on this path where school is concerned and I certainly don’t want anything to disrupt it…but at the same time, my ankle DOES hurt. I have it wrapped in a tensor bandage and I have had it since last week. I’m waiting for Rose to call me back, possibly tomorrow, and let me know what the verdict is. I will post updates as they become available.

What a pain in the a… um…ankle…pain in the ankle.


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