This is going to be a short post as I’m going to go home soon. I’m at the computer lab at school waiting for my dad to pick me up after an exhausting long day. I started at 8am and end (technically) at 6pm. It is 4:32 now as the first classes of the semester never run until the end…even when the semester actually gets started classes rarely run to the very last minute.

I chose to have 2 classes on Monday (with a 2 hour break in between…snore!) and 3 classes on Tuesday. By doing it this way, I can have Thursday and Friday off. I work on Wednesday, Saturdays, and Sundays. This way, I have 2 days to sleep in (my “weekend” so to speak), and I can use the remainder of my “sleep-in” days to study and do homework.

On Mondays I have Project Management at 9am until 12, then a 2 hour break, then HR computers from 2 until 5. Today, I have HR bright an early at 8am (today the prof said she’d start class at 8:30am…woohoo!) until 11m, then a one hour break, and then Math from 12-3, then accounting from 3-6. And yes, I am aware that I am utterly insane for having math AND accounting on the same day…but the alternative was a Friday morning (8am) accounting class. Uhh…no thanks!

My friends and I who all have the 2 hour break on Mondays have made a commitment to try and spend some of that 2 hour break at the school gym. Everyone always makes such a resolution at the beginning of a school year, but we’ll see just how long that commitment lasts…

Wow…I’m tired. Not “lupus” tired, but just as tired as any person would be after sitting thru three 3 lectures in one day. Oh well, I’ll get used to it. And if push comes to shove, the prof said that if for whatever reason you cannot make the wednesday accounting class…you’re always welcome to join the Friday morning class. I’ll be taking him up on that offer as rarely as humanly possible…hopefully never!

Anyhow, my father might be outside waiting for me so I’m gonna go now. Hopefully he is so I can go home, eat, set my machine up, and sleeeeeep!

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