Monday is my birthday. It’s also my sisters.

At first, I didn’t want to do anything with my friends. I just felt too exhausted to make plans. In the end, I thought to myself…how silly of me to not want to celebrate my birthday! Every year is a blessing. So, I sent the message out and invited everyone to celebrate with me.

After 2 days had past, I was a bit puzzled as to why only one person had responded. After that, the declines slowly started to trickle in.

I was disappointed. I felt insignificant. I felt unimportant. I emailed my friend who answered and said she would come and told her to forget about it. I was so upset. How could this happen? How could everyone either say that weren’t coming/couldn’t come, or not answer at all?

After much encouragement and convincing, she and I went out together. I’m glad that she convinced me to come out as it gave me time to reconnect one on one with a best friend.

But nonetheless, I was still sad. Still disappointed. This is the closest weekend to my birthday…and I totally felt shafted. In fact, when I was getting ready to meet up with that one friend, I still did my makeup nicely…in the event that this was all some sort of joke and my friends would jump out from behind a table or a plant and yell “SURPRISEEEE!!!”. Things didn’t happen that way. I knew for sure when we got to the restaurant and my friend said “table for 2, please”.

The day before, two of my co-workers took me out for my birthday…and that was great as I really love those two girls. I’m sure tomorrow will be good too as it is mother’s day and we are going to go to the cheese boutique and watch a chef demonstration…and then out for mother’s day lunch (or dinner…or something in between). On Monday, the actual day of my (and my sister’s!) birthday, we will meet and go grab a bit to eat. That’ll be fun too. So my birthday will be fun, and it will be full of great things…but unless something miraculous happens…it certainly won’t be great. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

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