What a gorgeous day outside! Today’s temperature was a wonderful 29 degrees celcius/84 Fahrenheit.

I had an eye appointment today, so I headed out to reach my appointment for 1pm.

The appointment went surprisingly fast. I headed to the appointment with my iPod in tote and fully charged, expecting to sit around for a while the way I had to the last time I went there. My appointment was at 1pm, but I got there at 10 minutes after 1. I signed in and was called into the doctor’s office about 5 minutes after signing in. She did the initial check up then put the dialating drops into my eyes. I went back into the waiting room. After another 15-20 minutes, she called me back in again….and that was it. I was all done by quarter to 2pm. Sweet!

After my appointment, I headed outside into the bright sun and realized how blind I was with the dialating drops in my eyes. Luckily I brought my sunglasses which helped dim the bright sun from my pupils a bit. I could still only see a few feet ahead of me. The whole experience so sorely reminded me of how I lived for several months when I had cataracts in my eyes. Everything I looked at had a cloudy white flim over it. Some things I couldn’t see at all. I walked slowly (and carefully) to the bus stop, through the subway, and on the bus again…and made it home just fine.

I’m sitting on my bed watching the brand new season of So You Think You Can Dance. The first dancer (I didn’t catch her name) was a beautiful young lady who had rheumatoid arthritis. In spite of the terrible joint stiffness that plague many people with RA, she danced just beautifully. In fact, when she finished, Nigil said that he’d be shocked if she didn’t make the top 20. Wow!

I hope to find out her name soon. I’ll definitely be rooting for her


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