June 22-June 26 was reading week.

Beautiful weather was enjoyed for that whole time. I had purchased tickets for myself and 3 of my classmates to go to an amusement park (Canada’s wonderland.)

Wouldn’t you know: it RAINED the entire day? Every other day that week was sweltering hot. But on the day we decide to go out for fun?? It rained. We went into the local store and spent 6 bucks on blue rain ponchos.

In spite of being soaked, we enjoyed the day. The rain let up later on in the day so we enjoyed it. The lineups for rides were on the most part quite short as many people probably opted to stay home or leave the park early because of the weather. It was not cold out, but it was wet. We went on almost all of the rollercoasters that we weren’t too ‘fraidy cat to go on. Good times. I love summer.

Maybe next year I’ll actually “have” a summer and not spend all of it at school…!


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