Yesterday I took myself on a bit of a journey. The first stop was the local 7-eleven. I bought myself a bus pass in anticipation of my multiple stops. The bus pass cost 9 dollars. My trip consisted of 4 different bus trips. Each trip would normally cost 2.75…so a bus pass in this case was definitely the way to go.

Next stop: blood lab. I had to get a blood test done for transplant work up. It has to be done quarterly so that when/if a kidney comes up, there will be recent blood on file for them to reference.

Because I bring my own bloods in regularly, the lab provides me with a card that have my blood work requisitions on it as opposed to me bringing in actual paper blood work requisitions (which I would most certainly lose). These cards expire every 6 months, at which point my unit at the hospital has to fax new requisitions to the lab.

This month happened to be the month where my unit had faxed in new requisitions. I wasn’t dropping off blood work yesterday, but I thought I’d ask if I could pick up my cards today.

The eldest of the 3 techs said:
“You’re not giving BLOOD for that today so you DON’T GET THE CARDS.”

Uhh…ok…no problem.

I was called in to do my blood work. After I was done, I asked the tech taking my blood (not the lady who answered me previously) if I could have some replacement blood tubes as I forgot to get more when I dropped blood off a few weeks before. The young tech wasn’t sure of the procedure so she asked the eldest.
“NO. She’s supposed to get blood tubes from the hospital”.

Umm, what? I’ve ALWAYS gotten my blood tubes here. I told her that I’ve been getting my blood tubes there for a year and a half.

“A YEAR AND A HALF?” she said, with obvious doubt in her voice.

I replied and told her that it wasn’t quite a year and a half, but I have been getting my blood tubes there since April of 2008. Rolling her eyes, and obviously still not believing me, she walked away, saying nothing. “Um, so should I give her the blood tubes?” asked the tech. “YEAH, GIVE HER THE TUBES” said the eldest blood tech, almost in a “we’ll give it to you THIS time around” tone in her voice.

Oh whatever! I so wasn’t in the mood for that crap that day. I’ve ALWAYS gotten my blood tubes there. In fact, I’ve sent my father over there once to get blood tubes for me because I had forgotten to get them myself. I hate when people give you a hard time just for the sake of giving you a hard time! Luckily she gave me the tubes with relatively little arguement…because I assure you I’d have made plenty of noise in that lab until somebody…ANYBODY gave me some damn blood tubes.

I usually go to the lab in the morning and not in the late afternoon, so perhaps I won’t have to run into that lady again who was being so difficult. I know I’ve seen her before and I can’t remember what my interaction with her was. It couldn’t have been that bad or else I’d have remembered it. It also couldn’t have been that good…or else I’d have remembered it.

Let’s hope I don’t have any more problems with her.

So after that unfortunate encounter, I headed off to walmart to purchase a new clipboard for my dialysis log sheets as well as some stomach discomfort stuff (gravol, immodium, etc).

After that, I headed to the mall for some retail therapy. I bought some clothes to wear when I work out as well as a couple of things that I can wear to work. Very happy with my purchases.

After that, I stopped at a local hair store to pick up a scarf to wrap around my hair when I sleep.

Then I went home.

…then I got a call from my friend asking me if I wanted to go out for vietnamese food. Why yes, yes I DO want to go out for food! So we went and had some great food. I had a spring roll, miso soup, grilled beef, and rice. And vegetables. Delicious!

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