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On its last boot?

I’m casually shopping for computers. I’m afraid that my computer is on its last boot. I get inundated with error message when I turn it on, and with even more when it’s time to turn it off. I’m not sure what the lifespan of a computer is supposed to be, but mine is about 3 years old. It also doesn’t have enough memory to hold all of my files, include my music, my programs that I need for school, etc. I find myself looking for things to delete just to squeak in enough space to get that program on my computer.

As per some professional advice, the field has been narrowed down to lenovo and HP. Lenovos are built like a rock, but HPs are also great and so very pretty. Hehe. I’ve emailed some specs for two diferent computers that I’m currently look at to the person giving me professional advice. I’ll await his response before making my ultimate decision…

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