The very last day of school is August 14th. Then…3 glorious, well deserved and well needed weeks of rest.

I have to force myself out of bed these past few days. I’m hoping my hemoglobin hasn’t dropped or something. I’m so close to finishing this semester and I seriously don’t want anything to muck it up. I’m hoping that I can just keep it together…and maybe I can squeeze out another Dean’s list showing. My profs have been super nice in that they are all allowing me to write my finals on days other than the assigned days. If I had to write them on the assigned day, there would be a day whereby I’d have to write 3 finals in one day. Lupus or not, that is absolute craziness for anyone. My brain and body needs time to relax and recover.

I have selected my courses for the fall semester. I’m still pretty bummed about how much books are going to cost. When I add everything together, the cost of my books for next semester is just over $560 for 5 books. Sooo much money! Many of these books are HR specific books, and therefore I not only need to buy them, but I need to keep them so that when I’m studying for the NKE (national knowledge exam) for HR, I’ll have something to refer back to. I might have to buy my book in shifts until I can afford to get them all.

Oh, my pager isn’t working. My kidney pager that I just received like 3 months ago. What’s up with that? I’ll need to call them.

Well, it’s 8:35pm and my eyes are already falling. It was my intention to work on the HR group assignment which I believe is due next week. I just cannot work on that right now. I’m going to get changed, wash my face, drink some water, down some medication, and hit the hay.


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