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To Dialyze, or not to dialyze, THAT is the question!

After coming home from work, I studied, ate, and studied some more. I’m pretty comfortable with the material that will be on my Project Mgmt test tomorrow, but I went over everything else in depth just to be safe. My plan was to study until about 8:30pm (5 minutes from now), set up my machine, watch a little TV, hook myself up to my machine, then get a good night’s rest. Now…I’m not so sure.

I’m sitting on my bed typing away as the curtains to the open balcony door thrash away in the wind. I can see (and hear) the beginnings of a thunder storm. I have unplugged my poor laptop from the main power and am using battery power, lest the storm zap my power and my computer as well!

Speaking of power zapping…the last thing I want to do is put myself on my dialysis machine for the night, only to be awaken by my machine alarming because the power has gone out. This alarm means “step lively…you only have 20 minutes to rinse back, disconnect, and clot before this machine kicks the bucket. And if that happens, as you can imagine, it would be very disruptive to much needed rest and relaxation before a day with 2 exams. I dunno what to do! What I really hate is when the lights go out…but then they only go out for maybe 5 minutes…at which point I’ve already begun the rinse back process (rinse back = I’ve already told the machine to end dialysis and give my blood back). And once that process is started…there is no reverting back!

In the past few minutes the rain has really started to come down. I just stopped typing for a moment so I could go and get a flash light which I have now placed in my pocket.

I think it would be best to skip dialysis tonight. I was very much looking forward to an amazing night’s sleep, which I certainly get while I’m dialyzing (seriously. I sleep really well once I’m on dialysis…probably because I feel very exhausted shortly after I am connected to my machine and dialyzing away).

The lightning is flickering outside my window. I think I made the right decision. I almost hope the lights DO go out so I feel justified in my decision. Haha.

Well, I think I’ll go study for my computer test until my computer’s battery dies.

Oh oh, I got my marks for my project management assignment. This is the group assignment where we pretended to plan a concert to raise funds for Lupus research.

On the project book that we handed in, we got 79/100
On the presentation we did, we got 96/100.

Not bad…not bad at all! I kinda wish we got higher in the project book.

**woot! the lights just flickered on and off for a split second. I am sooo vindicated in my decision**


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