A huge weight has been lifted from my chest. Exams are over…and I couldn’t be happier!

My accounting test was today. Man oh man was it ever difficult. I made the Dean’s list last semester… I dunno about this semester! Well, I already know I got an A+ in my HR computer’s class. Grades are not due for teachers until Tuesday (after this weekend) but my computer teacher is so on the ball that he put them up already. I’m also expecting at LEAST an A in
Math and in Project Management. The two courses I’m scared about are Human Resources II and Accounting.

For accounting, I think that if I was more focused I could feel more confident about my final mark. I went into the test with an A-. The last test was so difficult for me. It was a multiple choice test and the first, like, 10 questions…I got “B”! Was he trying to trick us with that? Oh well. As for HR, I must say, I’ve been having problems with my prof for that class.

She’d show up to class late…and end class early. In all, we’d lost about an hour of class a day on average. She would ask super obscure questions on the test…questions that even the most seasoned HR professional working in that SPECIFIC FIELD (i.e. occupational health and safety) would have trouble answering. On my individual assignment that I handed in, she gave me an 11/15. I was definitely not content with that, so I went through the entire paper looking for her comments as to why I received the mark that I did. Nothing. No comments.

I questioned her. She pulled out a sheet of paper, apparently the marking scheme for my paper. She told me that I didn’t source this and that. I showed her where I did, in fact, source the exact thing that she accused me of not sourcing. Then she told me that I didn’t source my chart. I showed her my chart (all sources clearly in tact). “oh”. she said. Ok, well I’ll remark your paper.

The next week I went to class. I saw my paper on the table. I opened it up to see my new mark. Hmm, interesting. 11/15. I questioned her. She told me that she forgot why the paper was still there. She’d mark it again. The next week (the week before the exam). Still not marked. Also left unmarked was my quiz that I wrote 2 weeks before. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the situation. I was going into a final with NO idea of my marks. She told me that she had been busy marking other stuff. I told her that I was at a distinct disadvantage because of this. I write my tests in the test centre. I took her 6 weeks to finally pick it up from the test centre and mark it. She had various reasons for this. A few times she couldn’t even remember if she had picked it up or not. Another time she told me that she went to pick it up and it was closed. At 10am. (they’re definitely open from 8am-6pm). It has just been a stressful semester in her class.

I’m just hoping that I get at least a B in both classes. In order to write my CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) test, I need to have an average of 70% in my key HR classes (including Accounting), with one no mark lower than 65%. I’m definitely hoping for anything above a B in these classes as I do not want to have to take anything over again, nor do I want to get a C+ and feel stressed about ensuring that the rest of my key HR courses are up to snuff!

Oh well, what’s done is done and all I can do is wait until the marks are posted. Wish me luck..


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