I wish words could describe how much I’m looking forward to my week off. I’m so looking forward to it that the anticipation of it might actually be even sweeter than the experience itself. These weeks at school seem like they’ve been dragging on endlessly. I think it’s the idea of having to wake up SUPER early to disconnect myself from my machine and actually be somewhere that is an hour and ten minutes away by 8am.

During rush hour.

It ain’t easy. Dialysis is a tiring process, but imagine getting onto a crowded bus with a backpack full of books only to find out that there are no seats anywhere. *sigh*.

There is so much that I want to do next week. I want to continue to organize my dialysis supplies room. I want to see that Chris Rock movie about hair. I want to get MY hair done. I want to get a manicure and a pedicure. But above all things..I want to SLEEP!

I only have 3 more hours of class tomorrow…then freedom for a week! I like school, but I don’t like having to wake up early. But then, I must say that I will not be heartbroken when I’m finish school and can (hopefully) have some more normality in my life.

I wonder if that kidney pager will ever ring?

2 comments on “Just one more day

  1. Glad to hear you are almost done for the week. I hope you get to relax & rest.

    Was curious to know, if you have cognitive problems?

    Before I got sick, I was an avid book reader, & now I have no concentration, my memory is terrible, slow word recall, when i read a book I end up reading the same page over and over and still couldn't tell you what I read. It's there all the time, but severity changes up, like this week I cannot drive. In a couple weeks though I will be ok to drive.

    Just curious if you deal with this as well?



  2. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I can't say that I've had cognitive problems with my lupus. When I had transverse myelitis, i had concentration problems. After learning to walk again, I couldn't walk a straight line for several weeks.
    As for today, I don't feel like I struggle with remembering things. What does your rheumy have to say about this?



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