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Be careful where you enter your info!

This coming from the girl who works for a BANK!

On saturday night, i went online to purchase the UFC fight so I could watch it. Sure, it’s pricey, but I really wanted to watch that particular fight card. So I googled “watch ufc yahoo”. I clicked on the yahoo website and entered in my card information.

Little did I realize until it was too late that this wasn’t even the yahoo website! Look at the picture i just posted. The website says “YAOOO” instead of “YAHOO”! How could I be so dumb to fall for this scam!
I called my credit card company immediately to inform them what had happened. They immediately shut my credit card down. I emailed the company to tell them what happened, but the response was some canned reponse telling me how to use their website, which was a website for accessing tv online, some obviously illegally. I responded again and told them that I had NO interest in their service!

When they responded again, they offered me a discount off of the membership price. What?? Didn’t I just say that I didn’t want this service?? They then went on to say that there was a strict 7 day policy, after which no refunds would be granted. If I still wanted a refund at this point, they would deduct 9.99 from the cost refunded to me for “administrative costs”. What the??

I emailed back, more angrilly but calm, and told them that I had NO interest in there and to refund the FULL amount back! They responded again discussing their 7 day policy and the 9,99. They told me the 50% off was still open to me, and if I didn’t want it to email back. How long was this back and forth business going to go on?

I finally called them today, and after much discussion, the lady finally agreed to refund my credit card. I’ll keep an eye on it…and if I see the refund then I’ll call my credit card company and inform them.

The name of the charge on my credit card is The website I went to was I wish I had paid more attention and not have gotten myself into this nonsense! I’ll report back if this company does refund me the FULL amount back, and also which steps I take if they don’t!

2 comments on “Be careful where you enter your info!

  1. Sorry about the credit card thing, Flo. What a nuisance! However, I hope this brightens your day. Your video is posted at this great website of dialysis related videos. Check it out:


  2. Thank you! And Woo hoo! Awesome! 😀


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