Today is a much better day for me than yesterday.

I was stresed and sad yesterday for a number of reasons. I just knew that if one more minor thing happened to me…if a fly landed on my keyboard as I typed through teary eyes..I was bound to have a total and complete breakdown if uncontrollable scream-crying. Luckily it did not get that far.

I was afraid to go to school. I had written a test 2 weeks prior and I was to get it back today. You ever have a test where you study and you study, but the material never seems to settle in your brain? That is what I was experiencing for this test. I studied and I studied. No dice. Simply just not as comfortable as I felt I should be.

I went in, wrote the test, and faked a happy smile the rest of that day.

So today, I arrived in class a bit late. Everyone else had already gotten their tests back. Mine was in a pile amongst others. I saw my test – 61/80, plus 2 extra marks would be added on later due to a computer error. So…you’re saying I got 79% on a test I was convinced I failed? WOO HOO!

I do that a lot. I think I’ve done poorly on a test when, in fact, I’ve done well. I’m very happy with a B+.

Then today, my brother sent me a text message informing me that our mutual cell phone company was giving him grief over a phone upgrade he wanted to do. They said he’d have to pay $449 + an extra $35 to get this phone because he still has about 10 months left in his 3 year contract. Whaaa?? A new subscriber would get this same phone for $299 flat! He spoke to different levels of representatives, but none were willing to budge.

Since I work for a bank, I am able to get a corporate plan. I spoke to my corporate representative and he told me that if I added my brother’s account to my own, he would not only get a discounted monthly price plan, but he’d also be able to get his phone for $299 (and no extra fee!)

Hey, this is my big brother we’re talking about here. He’s one of the best men I know. He’s there for me 24/7. He taught me how to play video games, but even more I enjoyed watching him play as much as he enjoyed playing games when we were both younger. He allowed me, his younger sister, to hang out/bike ride, etc with HIS friends! What kind of brother does that? I’ll tell you. An awesome one.

So I promptly text’d my brother to see if this was a good arrangement for him as it was a good arrangement for me. So, we went ahead with it..and now we’re just waiting for his new blackberry to arrive. I’m happy because it saves my brother a whole heap of money not only on the phone, but also on the monthly plan. Just a mere fraction of what he does and has done for me since I was born, but it still made me feel great. I wish we had done it before so we could have saved him some money on his monthly plan in the past.

I’m a happy girl today. And thank you to those who read, sympathize, and comment!

–Yup, I got the virtual hug from Miriam via DSEN. Thank you too!


1 comment on “Ahhh…much better!

  1. Yes, I have a habit of thinking I did really poorly on a test and then not doing so bad. I also have a habit of thinking I did really well on a test and then doing poorly on it.

    And I have been writing a lot of “just one of those days” posts too. I don't have dialysis to worry about as lupus had not effected my kidneys that badly, if at all. Sometimes I get strange kidney test results, sometimes not. But I do hate dealing with a chronic illness on top of everything else. Doctor's appointments, lab appointments, keeping track of every symptom… So I completely understand that.


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