Today was a pretty long day for me.

It started off early this morning. I got up just before 7am and got ready to go out. I went to a friend’s house to get my hair done. That whole process took about 3.5-4 hours. I was lucky enough to have my Dad pick me up and drop me off at the subway. I also had a dialysis clinic appointment today.

I got to the hospital early, so I took the time to greet the nurses in my old in-centre dialysis unit. I was happy to see everyone and they were happy to see me. It’s sad going back to that clinic, because I know that they’re going to tell me about another person in the unit who has passed on. Today was no different.

After my visit, I headed back upstairs for my actual appointment. I waited for a few moments before being greeted by Fabian, one of the tech guys. He informed me of a new system/form they were implementing whereby I would have to fill out a document about my machine. The questions are yes/no questions, basically asking me the general questions like am I disinfecting my machine, am I doing the citric acid rinse, am I testing for bleach after disinfecting, etc.

I was a bit surprised (and I won’t lie, disappointed) when a doctor other than my nephrologist called me in, when I saw my doctor just a few moments before. I knew that meant they were putting me in with a fellow. This means a billion questions when it is already 2:10pm and I have to get out of here, get back on the subway, and take another bus in order to get to school before 3pm.

I didn’t get asked too many questions which is great. He did, however, question some of the medications that I’m taking (like cellcept), and also some that I truly felt that he felt I should be taking (like magnesium). I kind of get annoyed when they do that. My doctor(s) of a trillion years know what medications I’m on, and if they’re happy at where I’m at, don’t go and muck things up by taking things away-throwing extra things in. I already went through that during my pre-dialysis years. One doctor’s quest to be a superhero and change all of my medications resulted in a serious flare and subsequent dialysis (dialysis that I feel didn’t have to begin at least for another several months if not for that particular doctor). But, I digress.

He discussed my Feritin. My feritin was too high for his liking. Ah well, it hasn’t changed in several months and I am just fine.

My real doctor came in and this fellow recited my history to my doctor. I left with a prescription for Losec (omeprazole).

After that, I hurried on down to school for business communications class. The prof handed back our mid-terms. She totally embarassed me by announcing that I got the highest mark in the class!! Why would she do that!!? I got 49.5/50. Why couldn’t she just give me that extra .5 of a mark!!? I lost .5 because I accidentally put a question mark somewhere that should have been a period. Bah! Oh well, 49.5 is a-ok by me!

Classed ended at about quarter to 6pm, so I walked to the subway, which is about a 10 minute walk, and took the subway and the bus home.

Gah! I’m tired!


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