The cloudiness of my eyes have subsided

…from the tears I've cried. What a long and strange few weeks. I feel like I'm at my breaking point. I simply cannot wait for this semester to be done and over with.

I've been trying to study for this accounting test. I went online to attempt the practice test. When I opened it, none of the questions made sense. There were no commas where commas should have been. No periods. No hyphens. Nadda! Well, there was none of the above punctuation in the most important parts of the questions.

I emailed the prof and she acknowledged that everything on the test looked mucked up. I'm going to give it another go tomorrow.

It's funny how different things are based on your prof. I work wednesdays so I have no classes that day. However, some of my friends have accounting that day and their profs allowed them to bring a “cheat sheet” into their tests. I wish we got that too. I don't see why not. Accounting isn't my major so it should be allowed. I could understand not allowing me to take notes into any of my hr classes…but c'mon.

I guess the combination of not being able to prepare for the test the way I wanted to just caused my tears to flow. My mom was there for me and comforted me.

All I can think of is December 21 when I'll be on the sandy beaches of Florida. Oh God…do I ever need it. 😦

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