Here are some before pictures of what my dialysis supplies room looks like, prior to getting it as organized as I would like. I’m just happy that all of the boxes are actually in the room as opposed to sitting on the floor in the middke of the dining room! Take note that I uploaded these pics from my Blackberry so I apologize if they are not top notch, but I think they get the point across.

Also included are a few pictures of good ol’ B-16- Formula Home Care System!

Hello, Mr. B-16! I call hin that because right above that blue box that says formula, there is another, smaller blue tag that says “B-16”. One of the pictures that follow will show his name tag.

Thumbs up to being ready to connect!

Mr. B-16. The pump is off and he’s waiting for me to connect! I plan to take more pictures and get/eat a small bowl of apple sauce before connecting to you, Mr. B-16

Hello again, Mr. B-16. There’s your name tag!

Box upon box of Sodiun Chloride, aka saline. This is actually 8 boxes as there is another set of four behind the set of four that you see here. Against the wall in the red bag is my yoga mat..a mat that I need to utilize more often!

Dialyzers and a blue box containing gauze up top, then tubing on two shelves, then at the bottom we have some acid concentrate and a bottle of bleach. Don’t worry, guys. I promise not to get the acid concentrate and the bleach mixed up.

Mr. Bleach on a date with Ms. Acid Concentrate. I don’t think they are compatible or even like each other very much.

*barf*! Ugh…room full of boxes!

Corner shelves contain syringes, needles, tip caps, alcohol wipes, non-alcohol wipes, etc.

I remember you, boot. I had to wear you for 8 weeks..and even when I went to England last year! What a drag. I hope I never have to wear you again.

So when my Papa has time, he is going to put some more shelves up for me so that I can have more space to put more stuff! More pics to follow when that happens…taking into consideration that I’m a full time student and a part time worker! (aka it likely ain’t getting organized anytime before my trip to Florida at the end of December!)

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