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Retail Therapy day!

Today started off with breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast consisted of frosted flakes wrongly labelled as Corn Flakes. I nearly puked it was so sugary. I also had some tea…and a sugary donut. Yech.

After that we stepped out. I was determined to wear my birkenstocks in spite of the fact that it was a might breezy. We drove to the Orlando area to do some shopping. I nodded off in the passenger seat as my Dad drove and my Mom sat in the back. Its such a funny thing to someone watching…nodding off, waking up, then nodding off again.

Our first stop was a pawn shop. I actually hate pawn shops but my parents enjoy them. My mom bnught some jewellry.

After that we headed to Winn Dixie which for those of you who do not know, is a grocery store. What I love about Winn Divie is the fact that you can buy raw shrimp or raw crab, tell them which spices you want on it, then they steam it for you! It’s pretty sweet. So we bought some shrimp, bread, juice, salad, etc. and had our own little feast.

After that, it was off to Florida mall. The only thing I bought was some concealer from prescriptives. I just heard today that the prescriptives make up line is discontinuing! They didn’t even have the concealer that I wanted so the nice lady made me a custom blend. What ever will I do when they discontinue completely?? The lady told me that I would be able to order online for about 24 months…then that’s it. Hmph, and just when i found a concealer that I like! The lady told me to look at estee lauder when prescriptives is completely gone.

Afterwards, we went to an open air outlet mall. I just bought a x-mas gift and some stuff for my friend who will be having a baby in the new year.

After that, we did a quick run to walmart. I forgot my sponge thing for taking a shower so I had to buy a pair of those shower glove things. I also bought some snacks for me to eat while I am at dialysis tomorrow.

For dinner, we had some extra food that Dad had bought while we were at winn dixie-salmon, macaroni salad, texas toast, and cranberry juice.

Now, since we are supposed to be at the dialysis unit by 7am, I should probably go to sleep now! More tomorrow on the dialysis!


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