..l.As in, dialysis!

I’m on my very tiny dell netbook so i will not upload pictures until I get home. Dialysis went well. All the nurses and hemo assistants were great. I got there bright and early at 7am. Everyone and everything was very efficient. I had signed all the appropriate papers, prepped my supplies, inserted my needles, and was on the machine by 7:30am. Pretty darned good.

Seeing everyong was great. Everyone was so nice and helpful. It was easy to get someone’s attention if need be.

After dialysis, we went to another mall which i believe is called orange blossom mall. I did a lot of shopping there. I bought some flip flops, shoes, shirts, etc. I also bought a couple things for my brother and sister. We spent about 2 or so hours in the mall shopping. Before shopping we obviously had lunch as I was suffering from post-dialysis hunger rage. LoL.

Anyhow, I must change my clothes and sort out my purchases. Tata for now. Tomorrow, its off to the beach! Hope it’s nice outside…


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