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Stranger things have happened…?

Strange indeed.

Strange for me, but after a long day of walking around, shopping, and dialysis, I was actually fast asleep by 11pm or so. I woke up to the sound of someone trying to open our door! I could hear the keycard going into the slot, and i could hear the distinct click that it makes when the keycard has been approved and the door is open. The person or persons behind the door pushed the door but it would not open. I had secured the bolt lock beforehand. My Dad is also into propping a chair up against the door and placing something heavy against the door, in this case, my luggage. There was no way that door was opening.

My Dad got up and asked who it was. A male voice said it was the manager. This was weird. Why was the manager trying to get into our room? I looked at my blackberry. It was 12:23am. My Dad opened the door. The man behind the door asked my father how long he had been in this room. My father told him when we checked in. Why was he asking stupid questions? Did he think we broke into the room and were somehow squatting in here? I did not hear much what they were saying as I was still in a daze from being asleep. I did hear my father close and lock the door again, then back to bed.

The next morning, my father went and asked the gentleman who came to our door in the middle of the night what had happened. He said there was a computer error and it showed that we were supposed to be in another room while the one we were in was showing as vacant. Weird. It was just another thing to add to the list of what makes this motel poor. The lights keep flickering on and off, the tissue for blowing your nose is hard like lined writing paper, the breakfast choices are lame to say the least, the remote control requires you to push the up button about 5 times and shake it before the channel changes…i mean, what gives?? Anyhow, we went back up to our rooms, finished getting ready, and left the motel for the day.

We all went out for a day of shopping and hanging out at the beach side shops. When we got back to our room, guess what? My keycard would not open the door. I tried again. The door flashed red. My father tried his keycard. Nothing. My Dad went downstairs to get an explanation. He returned a few minutes later and said that he was told that a manager was not available but we got a replacement key. He was told that the person who gave our room to another couple had deactivated our keys when he thought the room was vacant and gave those keycards to the previous couple. Soo irritating. But again, I am not sure how that makes sense because we used our keycards since then-when we went for breakfast we came back up to our room and we used our keycard to get in the room. That means that the keycard was deactivated sometime after that debacle last night, and also after we had breakfast the following day. Weird.

Anyhow, I am psyched for Mickey Mouse tomorrow. Yay!


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