I was super tired from dialysis yesterday. The entire day I walked around like a zombie. Like seriously…how did I ever manage in-centre dialysis 3 times a WEEK?? I can’t wait to get home to my precious machine and get back on a regular routine!

After dialysis, we drove around some until we found a Burger King where we had lunch. What’s with the fries around here being so salty? I should have learned my lesson and should have asked for the fries to have no salt on them.

After that, we went to Tyrone Mall. At Tyrone mall I bought a couple of shirts for my bro’s gf as well as a nice warm sweater for myself. It is a thick sweater from Aeropostale. It was originally 49.50 but I got it for 12.99! That’s what I call a boxing day sale!

We spent quite a bit of time there. I was pretty well finished after an hour as I was quite tired. I sat on a bench near the door we entered as that is where we agreed to meet after 1 hour. An hour passed and I did not see my mother or my father. Numerous people kept coming to sit either beside me or across from me with their ice cream from a nearby Dairy Queen. Finally an older couple sat across from me each with an ice cream cone in their hand when I decided that was the last straw. I went over to the Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone. $1.80 well spent.

I went back to my seat when the man across from me pointed as his cone, then at mine. “I just had to get one once I saw you with one!” I exclaimed. Both the gentleman and the woman had a laugh and we made additional small talk. They soon got up, telling me to enjoy the rest of my ice cream before they went on their way. 🙂

I sat there for about another hour when we finally found each other. We headed on our way. After much pleading with my father, my Dad took me back to the beauty supplies shop that we had already gone to. What can I say…I love shopping for beauty supplies! My hair is already quite weak and breaks easily, either from Lupus, prednisone, or whatever other medications I happen to be taking. I am making sure to take better care of my hair so as not to have constant breakage.

After this, we stopped at the grocery store to buy some food for dinner. I sat on a bench at the front of the store as I was exhausted. After this, we went home. My mom somehow managed to cook rice in the microwave. It was delcious.

Today, we decided to check out some of the flea markets. I did not see anything that I liked and could have done without both trips. My parents both enjoy flea markets and I do not mind walking around and looking at things, but rarely do I buy anything. We went to the first flea market and I was wearing my birkenstocks. Bad idea- it was reallllly cool outside. Since the flea market was not far from our hotel, I had my father drive back after we were finished at that flea market so that I could put on socks and shoes.

After that, we went to another flea market called Wagon Wheel. It is both an indoor and outdoor flea market. I took the keys from my Dad as I knew that I would be finished much sooner than he would be. The flea market wasn’t as great as it would have been on Saturday due to the weather-it was looking like it was going to rain soon…and it did. Either way, my avascular necrosis in my left hip was acting up and I preferred to just sit down anyways.

Soon we all met up at the car and then drove to Pizza Hut for lunch. After this, we went to the grocery store again to get water, then to Walmart for a few last minute things, then back to the hotel. We have to pack and get everything tidied up. Our flight is at 1pm-ish and we need to get there early. With the recent failed terror attack attempt, delays are eminent.

I can’t wait to upload my Disney pictures and possibly some of the videos I recorded at Disney too.

Oh, and since that late night fiasco where the manager tried to get into our room, for the past 3 nights when we tried to get into our room, our keycard hasn’t worked and new ones had to be made. 3 times. Should I request a discount?? 3 times on 3 different days!

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