Today was my first day back at school. My class this week is only 2 hours, so it went by pretty quickly. The class I had today was Occupational Health and Safety. According to my professor, many organizations are hiring experts in this field. I obviously cannot make a decision now as the course only just started. but so far so good. My professor seems great.

I will obviously report further as school goes on. I was a bit scared to start school today. I’ve been feeling pretty tired these last few days. Yesterday and today, I got bad headaches. They both eventually went away. I’m not used to getting headaches so I just hope it was a terrible coincidence. I’m also hoping that the tiredness that I’ve been feeling is simply due to some inactivity due to not being in school. Hopefully that passes.

I have Occupational Health and Safety again tomorrow. Each of the two classes are 2 hours long. My prof explained to the class that there is a lot of material to be covered where this class is concerned, and that is why it is spread across 2 days. Having just one 4 hour class would be ideal, but then it may be too much for some students (probably including myself)! But having a day off would be great. I still work on Mondays (I have a vacation day today), Wednesdays and Saturdays, then I have 1 class each on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. I’m also taking one online course so that should eat up a lot of my time as well.

I’m pretty hungry, so I’m going to grab a bite to eat!


1 comment on “Back to the Grind!

  1. I'm back to the grind today also. I'm very nervous about starting classes this semester because between Lupus and pregnancy I'm SO tired. Luckily all of my classes are online this semester except for one 3 hour class on Thursdays. I wish us both “good luck”.


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