Well, its more of a “receding hairline” if you will.

But I am going to post pictures of my short hair line. These pictures are meant to serve (hopefully as a “before” picture. Not exactly accurate as I have been using my so called new hair regime for a couple of weeks or so. It actually seems like some more baby hair is coming in, as my hair was pretty much non existent there except for a few stray hairs here and there.

It consists mainly of treating my really thin areas, which are my temples. I have looked back on photos of my when I was a teenager, and I seemed to have hair that was not AS thin here, but still pretty thin.

This terrible cycle of me wanting to hide my temples always exists, therefore causing me to braid my hair in such a way that it hides my temples…thus perpetuating the terrible cycle! Braids are my crutch and I don’t know how I’ll manage without them, but it might be fore the betterment of my hair.

My goal is to see some promising and encouraging growth by the end of this school year, which is in April. I will post periodic updates as time and my horrible memory allow.

Here are my temples:

Now, here is one product I’ll be using. I found the hair product online. It’s called Northwest Scents. In spite of my searches, I did not find any reviews on the product line. I decided to put myself out there and purchase their hair oil (pictured below), their shampoo and their conditioner. The main draw, I guess, is the fact that the products boast all natural and organic properties. I will add the name of this product into the labels (below) so that when you click on it, you can see my results of the product.

I am also using lavender oil and have a bottle of rosemary oil on the way to my home. I hear those are also good for hair growth, especially when mixed together with a neutral oil (my neutral oil will be the jojoba oil, which is also said to be good for hair-I currently use it on my skin also and it is great)

Wish me luck on my journey to long and wonderfully healthy hair!

5 comments on “My Secret Shame…my bald spots!

  1. Good luck my dear!!


  2. Thank youuu lupie!!


  3. Keep us posted. I have a larger forehead than I'd like. If this works for you, I'll follow suit! It'd be fantastic to pull all my hair back in a ponytail and not feel self-conscious.


  4. I love jojoba oil too! Thank you for posting what your are using.


  5. Tina, I feel you! I've always liked the look of pulled back hair, but whenever I do it I've got to put on a headband or something…not only to hide my thin sides, but to minimize my forehead…or what I call my “eight head”! Haha. I will keep updating with the progress. I hope it works…!


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