While I was at work on Saturday, I was utterly exhausted. At the end of the work day, I still needed to head over to Walmart to pick up my multivitamin (replavite). So my Mom and I headed over there before heading to my Dad’s workplace to pick him up (while my Dad was driving me to work that morning, the axle on the car broke! So it was in the shop).

When we got home, I went straight to bed. It was probably 6pm or so. My mom woke me up at around 8pm or so to see if I wanted anything to eat. I was not that hungry, but I knew that I had better eat something or else 2am would come around and I’d be starving. I decided to just have soup-which my mother was so nice to make for me.

After that, I passed out again. I really and truly needed that “big sleep”. I woke up the next morning at arouhd 8:30am and I felt fantastic. I went to work that day from 10am-1pm, came home, did some homework, met up with a friend and went to a tea shop, then for (vegetarian) sushi at 3pm, then headed back to work from 6pm-10pm. While it was a long day, I felt pretty great due to my long nap the day prior.

I took a nap today as well. I didn’t even take the time to wash my face, so I’m going to do that now.

Oh, and I know I likely mentioned it before, but I’m going to mention it again. After much tweaking and experimenting, I am pretty happy with my face skin care regime. My face is quite acne prone. I’m very happy with what I am using now, so here you go y’all. Take notes!

In the Morning:
Cleansing – Purpose face wash (can be purchased at wal-mart. I bought it in Florida when I went there in December for under $5.

After Cleansing- Aloe Vera Gel – Fruit of the Earth – Can also be purchased at Walmart

Moisturizer – I use Cerave on my face which I also purchased while in Florida. I bought it at CVS pharmacy.

Additional Moisture – When I pump the Cerave into my palm, I also put about 5 or 6 drops of jojoba oil (also purchased from acne.org). My skin is moisturized and feels great.

I wait about 2 minutes or so, then I put on my makeup.

At night:
I cleanse once again with Purpose face wash.

Treatment- Benzoyl Peroxide – I order a big bottle of it from the acne.org website. It smooths on well and has really helped my acne. As perscribed on the website, I normally use 2 full pumps and smooth it onto my face. I wait a while for it to dry.

Moisture – As above, I use cerave and jojoba oil after that.

It is working well. I might get the very occasional blemish here and there, but nothing some TLC and concealer won’t help!



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