I have a pretty bad cold. My nose is blocked. When I talk I sound like I’m plugging my nose with my fingers. I’m taking tylenol, and I’m using one of those saline spray things to clear my sinuses. It’s the first time I’ve tried the spray. The idea of shooting liquid up my nose has never been appealing to me, but it works quite nicely for me.

I’m sure I have mentioned the fact that I’ve stayed home a couple of times since this semester started. I haven’t exactly been 100%. I try to keep a smile on my face in hopes that no one will notice. Well, people noticed.

In my labour relations class today, one of my friends asked me if she and another one of my friends could talk to me outside during our break. I obviously agreed. Like anyone else would, I wondered what it is that they’d want to talk about. I wondered if I had done something wrong, perhaps I had offended them in some way….I simply wasn’t sure.

When break time came around, myself and my two classmates went out into the hallway. “Umm, so we noticed that since the beginning of these semester you haven’t exactly been in the best of health” one of them said.
I looked down and agreed. I hate being “sick”. Well, the next thing that I heard them say was definitely NOT what I was expecting to hear.

“Well, we just wanted you to know that both of us are wanting and willing to get tested to see if we are compatible with you. We want to try and see if we can donate a kidney to you”.

Let’s put this into perspective. I’ve known both of these girls since January of 2009. I’ve known them for a year…and they were willing and wanting to get tested and potentially go through surgery…for me?

The other girl, choking up, continued. “I’ve also spoken to lots of my friends and there are at least 8 other people that I know who are willing and wanting to get tested as well”.

I was speechless. The only sound I could muster up was a sob. I started crying. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For the one girl to say that she had spoken to others about it means that she had been thinking and discussing this for a long time. I couldn’t believe it. What did I do to deserve such great friends and human beings in my life?

I had my hand over my mouth. “You would do that??” I asked. They both smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Mama mia! This was insane. I was in a daze. In this daze, at their request, I told them some of the things that would be involved in getting tested to see if either of them were a compatible match. They told me to make to appropriate calls in order to get the ball rolling. I thanked them both, gave them both hugs, and we went back to class.

Ah man was I a mess. How was I going to sit through the remainder of this class? Insane I tell ya. I’m a lucky gal. I mean, even if all these people were tested and none of them were compatible, the idea that they would even come forth and put it out there is just…I dunno. I’m without words.

I’ll update on this particular story as updates become available…

2 comments on “Left Speechless

  1. WOW! That is absolutely amazing! You're lucky to have such great people in your life. I hope that one of them do turn out to be a match.


  2. Thanks Jennifer! I was shocked beyond words. I hope it works out too…but what matters even more than that is that they came forward!


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