…until my birthday!

Yep, May 11 is my birthday. When I think about it…I may soon need to change the name of my blog to …*gasp*.the life of a 30 SOMETHING WITH LUPUS! AHHHHH!!!!

Anyhow, this past weekend was my friend’s bachelorette/stagette party. We went to a club/lounge typed place. It was a good time. Before that, we had pizza and snacks back at her condo with a bunch of other ladies. There was lots of alcohol, but I didn’t have much except maybe a glass of champagne. I’m not big on alcohol…I prefer to save my fluid intake for something I actually find tasty. I used to drink a bit more when I turned legal, but I quickly grew out of the “let’s drink as much as I can in the shortest possible amount of time”. I remember I went to a club once with some friends…I think I was 21, and I definitely drank myself into an oblivion. Let’s just say the night ended with my pretty much being carried to a cab by a bouncer. Not a night I’d like to repeat.

Then again, who knows…when I get married and I’m having my bachelorette, I might want to drink myself silly too.

Anyhow, when it was time to hit the club, a limo came and picked us up and drove us there. I met a lot of my friend’s friends, which was nice. Everyone was very personable and nice to be around. I got home kind of late, and getting home late totally throws my whole sleep/rest pattern out of wack. The actual wedding is next week, so after that I will be able to readjust to regular sleeping patterns.

My one online course for the semester has started-World Religions. I am determined not to fall behind as it is an online course…being taken in the summer. I plan to go on vacation with the family during the last week of August. That will be fun as it will allow me to finish school and not worry about anything while I’m away. We’re going to drive this time instead of flying. I love driving to Florida, its just that we have never driven there since I re-started dialysis. I’m going to have to be super strict where my fluid intake is concerned.

Tomorrow will be my first day of my Business Statistics night school course. I can’t wait to start…because the sooner I start, the sooner I’ll be finished…!

Since my Labour relations prof gave me an extension on the course, I’m going to head to school tomorrow to go over my test results with her. I didn’t do that great…I got 15.1/20. I know, not bad, but definitely not the “A” that I wanted. I will need to study hard for the final exam. She and I will discuss when I will write the final when I see her tomorrow.

That’s all for now. Feel free to wish my a Happy Birthday! 😉 (Oh, wish my sister a happy birthday too. I was born on her 8th birthday. Weird, huh?)


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