I was pretty happy today to get a phone call from the ortho doctor’s office. My appointment that was initially to be at the end of October has been changed to late August! I’m pretty happy about that, because to be honest, my knee and hip are killing me right about now.

I also have an appointment with a social worker in early August. If you know anything about transplant stuff, they make you see a social worker first who talks to you about all the stuff that can happen to you if you go through major surgery. I’ve been through many a major surgery in my life so I don’t forsee this being a problem. I know I saw the social worker the last time I got worked up for a transplant, and I’m more educated now than I was then, so it should be good.

In other news, I have to send my laptop back. The left mouse click button isn’t working properly-it’s very loose. It causes me to double click things when I don’t want them to be double clicked. Very annoying. Also, if I leave my computer on long enough (maybe 1-2 hours) and turn it upside down and crack an egg on it…I’d have breakfast. SOOO hot.

I bought my study package for my CHRP test in October. It cost a pretty penny (almost $500). So I hope I pass this test. I’ve been working a few extra hours here and there at work so that I can make some extra cash to help with the extra expense of paying for this test as well as the study package. I’m also (maybe) going on vacation at the end of August so that’s a consideration as well.

Ok that’s all for now…:)


2 comments on “Appointment pushed up

  1. Now if only I could get the same kind of call for my endocrinology appointment at the end of OCtober! 🙂


  2. good to know that you feel happy, but you worry that if it is necessary for your cure is rapid, it is the best and maybe you need ahead of time.


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