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The mysterious, ever dropping hemoglobin

I’m sad to know that as of yet, I still don’t have any answers as to why my hemoglobin is dropping. I just surrendered another 8 vials of blood to my clinic which is required for my up and coming (and slightly doubtful) trip. Unfortunately, even though I brought blood work in at the end of July, the clinic in Florida wants bloodwork that was done within the last 30 days…and the bloodwork I did in July does not qualify.

I went in and saw a doctor today who suggested I do a stool test. Perhaps, due to one or some of my medications, I’m experiencing some sort of slow bleed in my stomach, undetectable to the naked eye. So, I’m going to do that and submit it as soon as possible.

Some of the drugs that I am taking that are suspect are Naproxen and (obviously) prednisone.

My protein levels are fine and my platelet levels are also fine. I am not (visibly) bleeding from anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions??? As someone currently being worked up for transplant, I am trying to avoid a transfusion at all costs…!


2 comments on “The mysterious, ever dropping hemoglobin

  1. Oh man, I hope you figure this out soon. I think the undetectable GI bleed is a good direction to go in now. I've had bleeds there too and it can do horrible things to your blood counts.

    Keep us updated and you are in my prayers.

    College Life With Lupus


  2. I hope so too 😦 This will definitely throw a wrench in my transplant plans…


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