So I know I have been absent from my blog. I started school this month and am taking 6 courses..! Much more than I’ve ever taken at once. One course doesn’t have any tests except for 1 final exam at the end of the semester, and two other classes don’t have any exams at, just assignments. I can handle those.

I went to see the gastroenterologist earlier this month. Although it has been shown that there is some bleeding in my stomach, she is convinced (like everyone else) that it’s Lupus. Yeah, what ABOUT lupus? It’s so convenient (for doctors) when someone comes/walks into their clinic and has lupus.

Me: My arm’s itchy.
Them: Oh, it’s probably the Lupus.

Me: Man, I forgot my watch at home!
Them: it’s the lupus I bet.

Me: Can I get a big mac combo with a coke, lots of ice?
Them: Would you like Lupus with that?

Bah! I want answers, not just “well maybe it’s Lupus”! Anyhow, the gastroenterologist has told me that her secretary will give me a call to schedule a scope. From past experience, it has been determined that I have a twisty/bendy colon, which therefore results in mucho pain-o for me. So, she said she’s only going to do a partial scope, and give me lots of drugs. Hurrah Drugs!

I don’t know if I mentioned this on my blog before, but I went to the dermatologist because of a skin problem I’m having. On my face, I have tiny little white dots. They are not raised or bumpy. They are smooth against my face. So, I went to see the dermatologist. She didn’t seem to believe it was caused by my medication. She also checked my skin under a black light and determined that it was not vitaligo(sp?), so I’m pretty happy about that. What she DIDN’T know is…well…what it was. She called her one of her colleagues as well as a student doctor who was with her colleague to stare at my face. No dice. So, the dermatologist promised to research my “white spots” and call me back in about a week. I look forward to the phone call.

This wednesday, I’m going to repeat my cross match with my bro. Fun times! Stupid blood tranfusions screwing up my cross matchedness!

Other than that, I have spent most of my time over the past couple of weeks panicking about the NKE I’m writing in just a few weeks. I hope I pass. I’ve been studying a lot and would be crushed if I did not pass.

Anyhow, I will try to throw in an update here and there, but as you might imagine, I might be a bit too busy to report anything meaningful!


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