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Ethics and Back Pain

Geez does my back hurt. Its my lower back, and its throbbing pain. Is it my kidneys? Maybe they’re bored and asking for friends. Perhaps sometime in the near future I can introduce a new kidney to them that they’ve never met before..? 🙂

Transplant is hopefully only a few weeks away. Since I passed the NKE, my plans are to go to school on a part time basis and look for full time work @ the bank I work for in a HR position. It is important for me to get some HR experience so that I can submit my experience to the HRPA after 5 years. They will review my qualifications, then decide if I am able to obtain the title of CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional). I was happy and sad at the same time about 2 weeks ago when I went online and saw what was essentially my dream job posting online. It was an HR Coordinator position in the same building that I work in. the job duties are exactly what I’m looking for. The only slight thing that I would change is the fact that it is a contract position, whereas the job I have right now (not an HR job) is a permanent position. My resume is up to date and ready to be submitted…but I cannot. I am waiting for a transplant.

The kidney transplant is obviously more important that any job at this point in time. The kidney transplant will put me in a position where I’ll actually be able to wake up each morning to go to work and not worry about disconnecting myself from a dialysis machine. I just wish that there was a way that I could do both. It’s not everyday that the perfect job posting in the perfect location comes up. Well, I’m sure a wealth of opportunity will be available to me once I’m transplanted, healthy, and happy.

I put the word “ethics” in this post’s title. I did this because I know some people, knowing that they were going to have another commitment (ie. surgery) would still apply for their “dream” position, get the job, then 2 weeks they would be attending to their other commitment. To me, that is unethical. I just cannot wait for this transplant to happen so I can go on doing the things that I want and the things that I love.



2 comments on “Ethics and Back Pain

  1. Sending you lot of love.


  2. That's great news that a transplant is in the near future! We're keeping you in our prayers my friend oxoxo (Jenn Seberras)


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