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The highlight of my day was a red velvet whoopie from starbucks

So today I went for my regular home hemo/nephrology appointment. Nothing particularly spectacular happened there.

I learned that my bone marrow tests did show something “abnormal”, but nothing that my doctor could decipher (as previously mentioned), so I’ll still have to wait where that is concerned.

Ugh, I was so annoyed when I was waiting for my appointment in the waiting room. There is this other patient that I saw in the waiting room the last time I came to clinic. He’s one of those guys who kinda try to show off and be your friend or something…or try to impress you. The last time I was at clinic and he was there, he was with his friend. Out of nowhere, he says “man, I wish I brought my walkman (yes, he said walkman) so I could listen to some BOB MARLEY!!!” Yes, he said it so loud just to ensure that I heard him. Then, he started singing a Bob Marley song. Guess what? I DON’T CARE. Maybe he thinks singing Bob Marley will be his “in” to be friends with me? Wrong. THIS time/today, while in the waiting room, a friend of his came to join him. After a few minutes of conversation with the guy, BM Sing along says “they were playing Bob Marley a few minutes ago!” and starts singing Bob Marley again. Really? Shut up please.

Some other patient walked in that apparently knew this guy. The Bob Marley sing-along guy says to the patient “Man, I totally lost your number!” and pulls out his phone. The other guy says “yeah..I’ve just been really busy. I’m busy all the time nowadays”-aka: I do not know why I gave you my number previously, but I’m glad you lost it because I’m definitely not giving it to you again. SMH.

Then after my appointment, I was sitting at a desk filling out some survey that home hemo was making everyone do. When I was sitting there doing it, Bob Marley sing-along came by and sat in a chair near me. He started whistling. It was highly annoying. I immediately picked up my purse, jacket, and survey, and headed for another chair. As I was picking up my stuff, he said something…I think it was “oh, do you have to wait around again?” I said no, and walked off hurriedly. I get the whole thing of…let’s try to be friendly with other people who are in my position..but I don’t like it when people do this by being annoying. Stop being annoying!

Anyhow, I went downstairs and my father and my transplant coordinator where sitting in starbucks. The line was abnormally long because they were giving away free treats wihth every drink purchase. My tranplant coordinator was nice enough to buy me a hot chocolate. My free treat was a small red velvet whoopie thing filled with icing. It was delicious.

Now…(hopefully) only a few more days to get the full scoop on this bone marrow biopsy/aspiration…

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