So today I had the fun task of getting my passport photo taken. This process is very difficult for me. I always look in the mirror before heading out to get the photo taken in an attempt to practice my best non-smiling face. I managed to figure out a perfect face-one where my eyes were slightly narrowed and my mouth had a bit of a mona lisa smirk…just barely there.

I was totally thrown off of my game when I got to the passport photo place. I put on a full face of makeup…but I have oily skin that was peaking through the makeup. The photographer had me use a napkin to blot my face. I didn’t have any blotting papers. I blotted and I blotted as I did not want to completely smear all of my makeup off. Then, when I sat in the chair and narrowed my eyes slightly, the photographer said “no! don’t squeeze your eyes!” Man, now I have no idea how my picture will look…! So I tried to maintain the same mouth but keep my eyes more open. I like the “eye squeeze”, as one of my eyes tends to look slightly bigger than the other in pictures. In the end, the picture came out ok. I pinned my twist out to the side to try and make a cute hairstyle, but I’m looking a little like “The Donald”.

Later in the evening, I managed to find myself back at starbucks for a decaf soy vanilla latte. Thankfully, they had still had those lovely free treats…so I got another red velvet whoopie pie. The following was my whoopie pie’s short existence. I saved it until I got home so I could have whoopie in bed.


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