I went to my hematologist today so he could tell me about the results of my bone marrow aspiration/biopsy.

He had me do an x-ray today. The x-ray consisted of like 15 different pictures. He also referred me to a specialist.
But essentially, my hematologist believes that…I have multiple myeloma (aka myeloma). It’s what I had seen online when I googled the results he had given me the week before, but I was holding out hope that it wasn’t that, since myeloma usually affects people who are at an older age. No such luck. Again, the diagnosis is not set in stone. I have to see this specialist first in order to see what he/she has to say. Perhaps there is another explanation for it.
When I looked at the symptoms for myeloma last week, I noticed that one of the mentioned symptoms was lower back pain. I hated (and hate) to admit it, and I cannot recall at this time if I’ve mentioned it in my blog before, but I do experience from time to time lower back pain. It’s like a throbbing pain..like the pain goes and comes in like 2-3 second waves. Eventually it goes away.
In any case, right now I’m just a little out of it right now. As you might imagine, all I’m kind of thinking is…why? Why does it always have to be something else? Once I feel like I’m kinda conquering one thing…something completely brand new comes up. That said, my hematologist said (and I already knew) that any transplant talk or happenings will have to be on hold/ put off for now.
I don’t have an appointment with the specialist yet, but I’m supposed to get a phone call at some point with an appointment to see the specialist.
In the meantime, I have and will continue to leave it in God’s hands. Thank you to those of you who posted your thoughts and prayers, and thanks to those of you who have subscribed to my blog. If the specialist does conclude that I do have myeloma, all I can say is that I’ve beaten the odds and conquered many things in my not-so-long life. That trend WILL continue you. I hope you will all follow me and hold my hand through this journey.

4 comments on “The 4-1-1, Here it is

  1. Oh Ms. Flow, I am so sorry that such a diagnosis is a possibility for you. I certainly hope that it will not be confirmed on your visit to the specialist – that it will be overturned, nothing more than a mere medical mistake. However, should you have this new health problem to face, know that I will be praying for you, and know that He will be holding you close, supporting and loving you as His own child. I will post on my blog and ask others to pray as well. Please keep your chin up. You are a beautiful and vibrant woman, and YOU CAN DO THIS.
    All the best to you, Ms. Flow.


  2. Oh gosh, my breath is taken away. I know that you must be so scared right now. You are so strong though and I'm happy to hear that you're keeping strong in your faith. I'll be praying for you and please let us know as soon as you know more.


  3. Thank you so much for your response and encouraging words, Headstrong and Jennifer!

    Headstrong, thank you for posting your support on your blog! I just read it and was touched to tears!

    I will continue to hope that, as you mentioned, it was perhaps a mere mistake, and the opinion of the specialist will prove that it is something completely different and perhaps less worrisome.

    Jennifer, you're right. After my appointment, I walked straight out of the office in a daze..I even forgot to get my hospital card. The secretary called me on my cell to tell me to pick up my hospital card and also if I could do the x-rays at 3pm as it was only 1pm at that time. I'm just doing my best to keep up hope and faith, as my God has not let me down yet, and regardless of what happens, I know he never will.

    I feel and receive your prayers.

    Thank you <3



  4. Sorry about the not so good news. I hope that they find out something else instead of myeloma. That's just awful.
    My prayers are with you. And I'll follow you through this journey, and try to encourage you when I can.
    *gentle hugs*


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