My appointment with the oncologist is on Tuesday…wish me luck.

I was just speaking to another loopy about her hip replacement surgery. I’ve seen an ortho doctor about 3 or 4 different times over a couple of years. He has suggested that I wait until the pain in both my knee and hip become unbearable before doing knee and/or hip replacement surgery. I agreed, assuming that “doctor knows best”. I spent that last week or so limping around the house because of severe pain in my right knee.
This got me wondering. Why do I have to suffer through varying levels of pain until my knee and/or hip absolutely collapses before something can be done? Man do I miss the days where I could grab a couple of dumbbells and do some squats or something. I miss the days where I could ride my bike around and not worry about my knee or hip.
Anyhow, while speaking to Sam, she told me about her hip replacement surgery and how much better she felt after it. She can do anything and everything she wants to do. She feels the way she felt even before the need for surgery arose.
I know I deal with an energy problem, but exercising and being active really appeals to me. I think it might be time for me to call the ortho, set up an appointment, and let him know that I REALLY want to discuss this knee/hip replacement thing.

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