Tomorrow i’ll be going to my rheumatology appointment at 9am, then I have my nephrology appointment at 1pm. Somewhere in between there, I’ll get my x-rays done for my up and coming ortho appointment. Tomorrow will be my last appointment with Dr. Fortin.

I’m pretty sad about that. Dr. Fortin is such a great guy. I was going to make him cupcakes, but the person who was going to help me is not able to help anymore..and taking on the making and decorating of the cupcakes was just too much of a project for me and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it.
In other news, I used my aeroplan points to get a samsung digital camera back in November. I did not really get to use it as the opportunity never presented itself. So, I wanted to use it a couple of weeks ago as my friend was getting married. I noticed that, after recording a “test clip”, the there was a loud “buzzing” sound when I zoomed in and out. I told samsung and they told me to send it in for service.
I received it back on Monday. The repair order in the box stated that everything was “to manufacturer’s specifications”. Huh?? So I called them back and they contacted the repair centre. I was told that a “senior repair person” had looked at my camera and was convinced that there was no real problem. I then said “ok, so basically what you’re saying is that I’m stuck with a camera that doesn’t work properly?” The gentleman I spoke to then told me to upload a video to document the problem, so I did. You can view the video here. Clearly not normal! I emailed the video to Samsung as instructed.
After emailing it, I received a call the following day where they did in fact agree that this was not normal. I received a UPS shipping label and will need to ship it out again. Hopefully it comes back fixed this time, even though the wedding is now over.
That’s all for now, I’ll report back with what my rheumatologist & nephrologist says.

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