Yesterday my Mom and I went on a mission to find chlorhexidine. First stop: Walmart. The pharmacist told me that they had the type that is to be used as an oral rinse, but that was by prescription only. I’m assuming that the one that I want cannot be used orally.

Next, Shopper’s Drug Mart. I went straight to the pharmacy. There were two people ahead of me. I waited and I waited. An older woman came and stood in FRONT of me. Huh?? I decided to be respectful since she was older than me. She saw that I was standing there but still went in front of me. She was not THAT old. Maybe mid-late sixties. After about 10 minutes, what I found out was the pharmacist’s assistant expressed to the woman who budded in front of me that the pharmacist had called in sick. The assistant then went to the back where the medication is and started doing something. The woman who budded had asked the assistant whether she’d be able to get her medication or not. The assistant looked at me and told me that she’d just be a few minutes. Shortly after that, another gentleman came began to wait. Another woman who was waiting behind me decided to leave as the wait was too long for her.
When the assistant noticed the gentleman waiting, she said to him that it would be just a few minutes. The man said “oh, I want to drop off my prescription”. The assistant came over, took his prescription, and started talking to him. She then started typing things into the computer.
HUH?? She did not even ASK me what I was waiting for, but since this guy was “just dropping off a prescription”, she decides to help him first? She completely ignored me and she knew I was there first! I looked over to my mom who was dosing off on a chair.
“MOM” I said loudly. My mom woke up and looked at me. I told her, in a loud voice, that we were leaving. I looked back at the assistant and said “I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes and she goes and helps someone who came after me when she knows that I’ve been waiting for so long!” I turned around and looked back at my mother as I did not want to hear or see the assistant try and apologize to me and try to help me now. My mom then said “wait!” as in, wait a few more minutes for the assistant to help you. I replied with a stern NO and walked towards the exit. I left the store and stood beside the van waiting for my Mom who came out just a few seconds after me. She knew I was upset.
I hate being and feeling ignored like that. I sometimes feel like I am not taken seriously because I look young. I’m not-I’m a grown woman who deserves respect. In fact, even if I was young, I deserve respect anyways! If I was a young person standing there, I obviously have a reason to stand there…I’m not standing there to observe the scenery!
When we left and got home, I still felt very upset. I was upset that I felt mistreated, especially since my job’s primary function is customer service. I also felt upset that I perhaps overreacted. I didn’t use any curse words, but I did make it clear that I was very angry. Rightfully so I suppose, as I just wasted nearly 30 minutes being ignored, but I still could have acted better. It’s just that…two people went in front of me. I’m not invisible.
Well I just wanted so share that as it upset me so much. I think if I was having a better day, it wouldn’t have upset me so much. Nothing in particular happened to make me upset earlier in the day…it was just…one of “those” days.
Needless to say, I am yet to get my hands on any chlorhexidine.

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