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1 hour massage = win

Yesterday I was looking online for places to get a massage close to my home.  I found a good place that was pretty close and easy to get to.  I was delighted when they called me back this morning and told me that there was space available today.

I went today at noon for a 1 hour massage.  My massage therapist today was Sarah.  Now I must admit-usually when I’m getting a massage, I just want to be quiet and enjoy.  But it was different with Sarah.  She chatted with me at the beginning of the massage after going over my (extensive) medical history.  I think she wanted to see if i actually wanted to chat or if I wanted to just relax.  At first, yes, I wanted to relax.  But as we started chatting, I found myself bringing up other stuff to talk about if there was a gap in conversation.  I WANTED to talk to her and I actually liked listening to her when I wasn’t talking and while getting the massage.  I really like her and I’m going to go back. I made an appointment to go back next Friday, but I don’t know if I should.  
The surgery is the following Wednesday.  I’d think that maybe it might not be a good idea to have someone slather me in oil, especially since the instruction binder that I was given after booking the surgery says that I shouldn’t even use skin lotion for the 5 days prior to the surgery, and I am to bathe myself in chlorohexidine.   Sucks…because I really want that massage.  I think anything earlier than Friday would be too much.  Sarah is only in on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  Conversely, another thing for me to consider is the fact that after I have the surgery, I won’t be able to get any massages for a while.  Hmph.
I felt great after the massage.  I’m glad I did it.

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