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Outpatient Physiotherapy coming up

My in-house physiotherapy sessions have ended.  I feel much more stable now that it has been almost 8 weeks since my surgery.

What I can say is that I do still feel a little apprehensive about putting my full weight my hip when it comes to stairs and stuff.  I can go upstairs and downstairs just fine, but as advised by my surgeon, I only go one step at a time (go up with the good leg on step at a time, down with the bad leg one step at a time).   But I do sometimes find myself accidentally trying to go up or down the stairs normally…and I catch myself.  i’m quite nervous that I’m going to fall or dislocate something.  It’s almost reminds me of when I was still in the hospital and about to take my first few steps.  I was walking…but I would “limp” when I stepped on my left leg…almost as if I wanted to put as little pressure on the hip as possible.  Even though the physiotherapists told me not to limp and to put full pressure on the leg…I was still nervous.  It took a few moments for me to realize that these physiotherapists must know what they’re talking about since they do this everyday!

Tomorrow will be my first outpatient physiotherapy session.  I’ll be going to a nearby physio clinic.  I told my parents about my plans-they are both on vacation overseas.  My father told me to make sure that I make sure the physiotherapists know my limitations and not to push myself. I have to admit…he’s right.  When my in-house physiotherapist wanted me to do an exercise that involved me doing a squat, and another one that had me lie down on my (good) side and do leg lifts…I had to draw the line.  The squat wasn’t happening because my right knee hurts and is going to need to eventually be replaced as well…and the leg lifts were just…well…painful..!

I do look forward to having my hip up to 100% and I look forward to my physio appointment tomorrow…which will likely be more of an assessment period.  Wish me luck! 🙂


1 comment on “Outpatient Physiotherapy coming up

  1. Wishing you a fast recovery Miz Flow and that the pain minimizes every day for you.


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