Yep, it’s that time of the year…I have a cough and a cold/runny nose.  It’s not too bad anymore.  Yesterday I didn’t even want to exert the energy needed to lift the remote and change the channel.  My dad bought me some cough syrup so that surely helped.  My dad also made me a facial mask with lemon and organic honey.  I put a drop of peppermint essential oil into the mask and put it all over my face.  The peppermint really seemed to help with my sinuses and just made everything feel nice and tingly.  I hope that I’ll be much better in time for the weekend.  I’m gonna check out my bro’s digs for the first time.

Every time I get a cold, I am reminded of that horrible, horrible ear infection that I had a in January 2009.  I’m telling you…I’ve never been the same after that.  It was the first time ever having an ear infection (it was in both ears) and I was beyond miserable.  Hmm..if only the doctor that I begged and pleaded with to relieve me of this pain believed me (he was a fellow and not my regular doctor, btw).  I still see him around the hospital and I give him some heavy duty side-eye.  When I begged him for help, it was a Friday.  If he had only listened to me and believed me when I said that I am NOT having severe head and face pain due to my hemoglobin being low (i was getting a blood transfusion at the time), I wouldn’t have had to suffer throughout the weekend without any antibiotics.  When I went back to the hospital on the Monday, barely able to walk straight/properly because of the ear infection, one of the actual unit doctors saw me and right away knew that I needed antibiotics.  Arghh!  Anyways, I’ve told that story before and will tell it again in a vlog.

Here’s to hoping I get over this cold soon so I can hit up physiotherapy tomorrow, see my bro’s new place on the weekend, get cleared by my ortho surgeon on Tuesday, and hopefully soon head back to work!


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