I have a lot to be thankful for as the holiday season draws near.

The other day my transplant coordinator called me and let me know that the group of doctors (nephrologists) got together and finally discussed my case in regards to kidney transplant.

There was a lot for them to talk about and consider, including whether or not it was realistic and safe for me to go through with the transplant since this new smoldering myeloma diagnosis had thrown a wrench into my plans.  The doctors required additional information from my oncologist.  After much back and forth, they finally got all of the information they required in order to re-visit my case.

I’m happy to say that they have agreed and approved our plans to move forward with the kidney transplant.  I’m really happy about that. There has always been SOMETHING that has blocked me from getting this transplant and I’m glad that we are moving in the right direction.

The next move will be for me to have an appointment with the transplant nephrologist as I have not seen him in a couple of years.  Yup, I should have had a kidney a number of years ago if not for things continuously throwing these plans off track.  Hopefully THIS time will be the right time.  I may not get an appointment until January or so, but that’s ok…let’s just get this transplant done!

Another thing that I’m happy about is the fact that this one course that I am taking will soon be finished.  I have one more assignment to turn in (which I will begin to work on after I finish this blog post), then I have my final exam in the first few days of January.  After that, I’ll finally be finished school.  All of the hours of studying for tests, exams, certification exams, doing assignments while juggling to maintain a proper home dialysis schedule…all of that will have finally paid off.

If it hadn’t been for this transplant stuff, I’d have started applying for HR jobs within the company that I work for already.  My resume is on point…all I need to do is hit “submit!” But i know the second I do that..I’ll go through all sorts of interview processes and such…and within my first week of work is when the transplant will be scheduled!! I’m trying to do what I feel is the “right” thing and wait before I start applying for HR jobs..but there is also something in me that’s just like…”Live your life!”  We’ll see.  I feel like I’m getting close to transplant.  If any delays should occur for ANY reason, I’m just going to apply for jobs.  I thought I was going to receive a transplant years ago.  Imagine if I put my life on hold all this time just waiting for it..?

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