I know, Christmas has passed and it is almost the new year! But I wanted to at least write up a quick post about my Christmas.

It was great. The family got together and my Mom cooked a great meal.  We had lasagna, chicken wings, vegetables, etc.  All very delicious!
A few weeks prior to Christmas, I bought a new jacket. I sold my previous jacket on kijiji so that I could put the proceeds towards my new jacket.
Here I am in my old jacket.  These are pictures that I took specifically for kijiji:

Well, I didn’t actually put that second pic up on kijiji, but you get the idea 😛  The above jacket is the ever so popular tna jacket. It costs about $350 brand new, but the one I ended up selling was purchased used as well.  It is a great jacket, but it is a medium and is too big for me.  It has always been too big for me, so I figured I would just get rid of it and buy myself a new one.  It doesn’t look particularly big on me in the pictures, especially in the first one, but that’s because I have my hands in my pockets and am “pulling” the jacket back so that it is more snug against my body.

I like my jackets slightly “roomy” in case I want to wear a heavy sweater underneath.  I used to have a brand new tna jacket, but, as I may have mentioned in a post last winter, it, along with 2 of my other jackets (a bomber-style Danier leather jacket and a wool tna jacket) all went missing, likely to the Goodwill by accident of my Pops. *sad face*

So I bought myself a new jacket, a (size small) Canada Goose trillium jacket.  I plan to record a review of the jacket and put it up on my channel soon!  I ideally wanted a brown or navy one, but ended up getting it in black as it was more readily available in size small, the size that I wanted.  In retrospect, if I waited about two weeks, I would have found it in brown.  However there really wasn’t any way of me knowing whether or not the jacket would become available, and these jackets are in high demand.  I’m quite happy with my black goose jacket now that I have it. It is incredibly warm and really nice. A friend of mine has this jacket in a different colour but in the same size.  She even suggested that I size down at it is a naturally roomy jacket, but I opted against that.  I have a bra size of 34D, and I was afraid that I would “suffocate” my chest if I got it too small! The small is just fine.

Now the reason I brought that up is because I asked my sister to give me money instead of giving me a Christmas gift because the Canada Goose jacket was rather pricey.  I already knew that my Mom and Dad would give me money. 
So, as expected, both of my parents got me cards with money in it.  What I found particularly funny was the fact that my sister gave me some cash and put it in the following envelope with the slogan for Scotiabank on it
I can always rely on my brother to get me a nice pair of sneakers for Christmas.  Last year he bought me a nice black and pink pair of Nikes that fetched me plenty of compliments.
This year, I got a new pair of Nikes! I really like them. I especially love the bottom of the shoes! The bottom of one shoe says “Just Do It”, while the bottom of the other shoe says “Nike”.  Love them!

My favourite hair braider also came to join us in the festivities.  It was a great time 🙂
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season.  Up next: New Years! 🙂
P.S. Here’s a picture my Dad took of my legs/feet when I wasn’t paying attention! Silly!

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